Nabati Foods is a private food technology company that offers consumers selective healthy plant-based food products. Nabati is based in Edmonton, Alberta and serves the North American Market.

As a food technology company and a processor of foods, Nabati adheres to the food standards set by the CFIA in Canada. The company owns a US subsidiary, Nabati Foods Inc. (incorporated in the state of Washington), which imports its products for resale and distribution within the U.S. Nabati Foods Inc. adheres to regulations set by the FDA.

The Company’s investment in Nabati will be allocated as follows: (i) 45% to pay for marketing and sales; (ii) 5% to pay firms that assist in business development in the U.S.; and (iii) 50% to general operations and expansion of Nabati’s current facility and product pipeline growth.

The Company will appoint a nominee to Nabati’s board of directors upon closing of the investment.

As Nabati is a private company, the Company’s exit strategy is to look for opportunities to sell the common shares of Nabati that it owns as the business of Nabati develops, most likely through a sale or go public transaction.